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Locations of visitors to this page

While you're waiting... While you're waiting for the next Zedcast, (which is coming very soon I promise), why not pop over to my other podcast and have a listen.

It's called The Running Shoe, and it's an interactive show about Running, Fitness, Nutrition and Road Racing. The Running Shoe is a weekly 1 hour call in show hosted by me, Bruce Murray, marathon runner and road running coach. Whether you want to run your first mile or a marathon, my weekly topics will give you the information to help keep you running happy, healthy, and injury free.

Come by and ask a question. The show is recorded LIVE on Thursday nights, 9pm EST / 6pm PST on the TalkShoe Network.

The Running Shoe just passed show #50 and you can listen to all of the archived shows or subscribe for free to the podcast here

- - Bruce Murray
Host of The Running Shoe

Category:Blog Post (Text) -- posted at: 12:38pm VET

I See Zed People... I went to a podcaster meet-up a few weeks back that was hosted by Jeff MacArthur, co-host of the wildly popular CommandN video podcast. Also attending were Steve Dinn from, Chris Campbell from CommandN and Bad Metaphor, Rob and John from EMS Live and Steve from unTV. Amber MacArthur also attended for a short time through video chat. I gave our host a Zedcast T-Shirt and was flattered to see, on the next episode of CommandN, Jeff wearing the "I see Zed People" shirt during his segment.
Category:Blog Post (Text) -- posted at: 6:22am VET

Zedcast - LIVE! on TalkShoe Sunday Nov. 5th Greetings Zed Heads,

I'm going to be doing a Zedcast - LIVE! show on Sunday night after the Net@Nite session with Leo LaPorte and Amber MacArthur.

Victor Cajiao - 8:30pm [EST]+1 (724) 444-7444 ext: 3097 #

Net@Nite - 9:00pm [EST] +1 (724) 444-7444 ext: 3185 #

Zedcast - LIVE! 10:00pm [EST] +1 (724) 444-7444 ext: 4688 #

Visit the website at and listen to the show or download the TalkShoe client, (PC or Mac), and create a free account to be able to interact with the host, (that's me). You can log in through your computer for listening and text chat, and/or then Skype/Gizmo/phone in to be on the show LIVE!

Come by and say hello I'd love to talk with you, - Bruce

*[One note: if you are on a Mac, use Safari instead of FireFox and if you are calling through Skype, be patient it takes a little longer to connect than regular Skype-Out - BGM]
Category:Blog Post (Text) -- posted at: 8:22pm VET

My chat with Trucker Tom I've just replaced the hard drive in my computer for the fourth time in as many weeks. And I've spent much of that time re-installing software and getting back-up files replaced on each drive. But the new drive is permanent and I should have the recording studio back up and running in the next few days.

In the mean time, the interview, with Trucker Tom from poolside at the Marriott on the last night of the Expo is up on his website if you want to have a listen.

New Zedcast very soon, thanks for your patience. Oh and don't forget to vote in the poll (on the left side bar)

Cheers, - Bruce
Category:Blog Post (Text) -- posted at: 2:26pm VET

As I work on editing all of the audio from the Podcast and Portable Media Expo (The Expo). I thought you might like to check out some of the other projects that I have been involved in recently, outside of the Zedcast feed.

I was a guest host on the Podcast Morons show and did a segment on editing:

*Podcast Morons #13 The Power of Zediting

I was a (self appointed) Roving Reporter for the Canadian Podcast Buffet in a two part series interviewing Canadian podcasters at The Expo:

*Special Edition: PPME Canadians #1
*Special Edition: PPME Canadians #2

I was featured on Brian Ibbott's 250th edition of Coverville recorded at The Expo:

* Coverville #250 From The Podcast Expo

And also:

*Quirky Quiz #3 on Quirky Nomads with Sage Tyrtle

I'll also be featured in an interview with Trucker Tom, and I'll post the link when that is up.

OK, happy listening and I'll get back to editing. I'll have a new Zedcast up very soon.

<<<<<Also you can VOTE IN THE POLL on the side bar (scroll down): What would you like to be called as Zedcast Listeners?

Thanks for listening, - Bruce

Category:Blog Post (Text) -- posted at: 5:14pm VET

I'm Still Alive! Hi Everybody,

Just a note to let everybody know that IT LIVES...THE ZEDCAST LIVES!

I've been travelling coast to coast collecting audio but haven't had time to get a show edited. I'm still playing catch-up after the New York City Marathon and the Portable Media Expo in California.

Actually I'm working on three shows at once so there is lots of content coming. (This is the first time I've used the "text blog" entry come there is no sound...!?!)

Thank you all for staying subscribed and bearing with me. Your patience will be rewarded very soon. - Bruce

Come and join The Zedcast Frappr Map if you get a chance,

You can add a picture as well as a location pin. It would be cool to see all your smiling faces or your logo on the map.

Here is the link to the 'Premium Content' skit that I promised in the Sweeps Week Show in case you didn't get it yet.

Email anytime if you have comments or ideas for the show, ZEDCAST [at] GMAIL.COM, or you can call it in to The Zedcast Listener Line:

1(206) 495-6565

[we now return you to your regularly scheduled Podcast...well soon anyway - BGM]

Category:Blog Post (Text) -- posted at: 12:38pm VET